Thank you so much for offering courses that are enjoyable, valuable and truly help me grow professionally.  Great job!

                                             -Crisis in Our Schools- Summer 2016

I liked the course the way it was presented.  I learned a lot and saw communication with parents from multiple perspectives.  Much of the material presented was very relevant and the strategies I learned can be used immediately. 

                                            -Parents as Partners- Spring 2016    


I really appreciated that this course content helped me as a Special Education teacher.  I came in thinking that I would not be able to apply the information to my scripted curriculum, but instead I leave with many ideas to enhance this material to make it more enjoyable to teach and for my students to learn.

                                            -Connecting Creativity- Spring 2016

A valuable course for all educators to ensure the safety of all our students.

                                           -Creating Safe Spaces- Fall 2015

I leave every Bob Randall course happy because I actually learn new concepts.  Most courses are only useful for credit but Bob Randall courses are useful for my job.                                     -Understanding & Helping Abused, Neglected &       

                                             Abandoned Children- Summer 2015

This is my 3rd Bob Randall instructor and I have walked away with real hands on knowledge, again.  The instructors are great and continue to impress.

                                                   -Current Drug Trends- Summer 2015

This was the most helpful and most interesting class I have taken as a teacher.

                                                                    -Crisis in Our Schools- Summer 2015

The applicability of Bob Randall courses is the best part.  Theories become reality.  Better than other schools (and Iíve been to a lot).

                                                                   - Protecting Students from Online

                                                                      Exploitation & Victimization- Spring 2015


I continue to be amazed at the expertise and excellent quality of Bob Randallís instructors.  Thank you for providing high quality & meaningful classes.

                                                                    - Mean Boys & Girls: A Look at Bullying

                                                                      Prevention in the Schools-Summer 2014


Bob Randall courses are designed in a way that fits my schedule, informs me of need-to-know information and provides me with innumerable resources.

                                                                  - Poverty and the Impact on the Classroom                      

                                                                         Summer 2012


I have taken quite a few courses from various universities and quite honestly breezed through them and forgot the material.  I love the course offerings and useful information that Bob Randall offers!                        

                                                                   - We the People: The Citizen and the

                                                                           Constitution   Fall 2013


Thanks for a great course!  I love how BRAI offers classes about issues that affect our schools today but are issues that, while critically important, are often overlooked in todayís school climate.  The thinking promoted by these classes is so valuable for our schools.  Thank you!                               

                                                                        - Crisis in Our Schools - Fall 2012


The instructor Fred Harran was outstanding as he was able to present very current trends and details associated with drug abuse in our community.  He was very helpful with providing resources for educators interested in helping todayís youth.

 -Current Drug Trends and Youth Prevention Programs- Winter/Spring 2015


Sign Language I & Sign Language II were the most awesome classes Iíve ever taken.  Barbra creates such a wonderful learning environment that everyone feels comfortable practicing skills, asking questions, etc.  Thanks for a great time.  Learning has never been so much fun!                                         

                                                                        - Sign Language 2: A Workshop in

                                                                           Conversational Sign Language Summer 2013

I came in to this course wondering whether it would be worthwhile and I would learn anything.  The instructor and the course went well beyond my expectations.  This course reminded me and awakened me to things that are important in being a more effective educator and human being.                  

                                                                          Ė Diversity in the Classroom: Making it Work

                                                                                 Summer  2014                                                                    

This course was very empowering.  I look forward to bringing the things I learned back to my colleagues and more importantly my class.               

                                                                  - Mean Boys & Girls: A Look at Bullying
Prevention in the Schools   Summer2013


I really enjoyed this class as a school guidance counselor.  It was very insightful and gave me ideas and tools to use in my guidance programs.

                                                                  - Current Drug Trends & Youth Prevention

                                                                      Programs        Fall 2012


This course has brought so much meaning to me personally as well as heightened my awareness of my studentsí needs.  What an absolutely wonderful experience!  Thank you.

                                                                  - Assisting Students with Loss, Death & Grief

                                                                       Issues - Summer 2013


Janet is a thorough, well prepared instructor.  She really made the content easy to understand and enjoyable to learn.  I am excited to use many of her ideas in my own classroom this coming school year.        

                                                                      - Connecting Creativity to the Curriculum

                                                                            Summer 2013


The activities were well planned & the discussions were meaningful.  I really appreciate the opportunity to self-assess and reflect on the issues presented in this class. 

                                                                     - Diversity in the Classroom

                                                                          Winter/ Spring 2013


I feel as though, especially as a father, I have some tools to help be proactive in terms of online safety.  This course was eye-opening, enlightening and frightening altogether.  Randy taught me a great deal.                  

                                                                           - Protecting Students from Online Exploitation &

                                                                                Victimization         Winter/ Spring 2013

This was a great class.  It made me think about a completely different instructional style/ approach that I had never thought about before.  I felt it prepared me to use service-based learning in my class.  Janet was very prepared, sincere and invested in us grasping the concepts.                                                    

                                                                             - Building Character: Service Based Learning

                                                                                     in the Classroom       Fall 2012