Janet Holmes

Janet Holmes was in public education for over 30 years and retired in June 2008.  She was president of the Centennial Education Association for two terms and served as grievance chairperson and membership chairperson for over 15 years.  She also was a member of the negotiating team for 30 years. 

Janet taught every grade level from kindergarten to 8th grade and was also a teacher of the gifted.  She led her school to validation for the Instructional Support Team process and then validated other schools.  Janet has facilitated many meetings with parents and teachers to help at risk students.  She is trained and certified in the Student Assistance Program.  Janet has created and facilitated numerous in-service and parenting workshops.  She chaired, organized and implemented an anti-bullying program in her school.  She also created and taught conflict resolution lessons to the entire school as well as organizing and facilitating children’s support groups.  Janet initiated and organized a volunteer program with students, parents and seniors.   She received the Outstanding Achievement Award for the school year 1997-1998 with the Centennial School District. 

Janet has worked with The Institute for Global Education and Service Learning to encourage service in schools.  She edited and co-authored their training manual and toolkit.   Janet works with teachers and students to help them apply a service component to their curriculum. 

Janet presently teaches in-service workshops, parenting classes and various graduate courses.

Janet lives with her husband Bill in Buckingham.  Bill has been in the construction business for his entire career and now offers various services through his own business entitled Handy Billy.  Janet’s two children live in the Doylestown area.  Kristin is a civil engineer who started her own engineering company in March 2013 called Holmes Cunningham Engineering.  Keith is a project manager for T Mobile and lives with his wife Marisa and their three children, Matt and the twins, Alli and Ben….the loves of Janet’s life!  Janet and Bill’s escape is their beach house in the Outer Banks….always thinking summer!