Jon Liguori

Jon Liguori is a graduate of Temple University where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in English. With an insatiable desire for knowledge - and a job - he continued his education at Temple with a Master's of Education. Since then, he has taken classes at Gwynedd - Mercy College as well as Bob Randall Associates to attain Masters +30 status.

Currently, Jon works at Hatboro-Horsham Senior High where he teaches American Literature to all academic levels. Three years ago he wrote a new elective for juniors and seniors called Exploring Cinema where students learn how to analyze films with an acute cinematic eye and write engaging movie reviews. Working at H-H since 1998, Jon has been involved in a number of activities. He was the faculty advisor for the NHS and the Italian Club. In addition, he was elected by his peers to be part of the Advisory Council, which met with the Head Principal on a monthly basis to discuss various school issues. Always eager to have fun, Jon was also the emcee for the Red and Black Academic Bowl as well as the emcee for Simon Says during the Red and Black Gym Night. Most recently, Jon has been part of the Classrooms for the Future (C4F) initiative at H-H where his classroom was outfitted with cutting edge technology as a means to prepare students for the demands of the 21st Century. In fact, Jon and six of his students attended Capitol Day in Harrisburg in May of 2008 where they displayed their podcast projects based on Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

When he is not teaching, grading, writing lesson plans or devising new educational opportunities for his students, Jon can be found spending quality time with his wife Allison, his three and half year old son Aiden, and 4 month old son Dylan.

Top 10 reasons to take HUMOR class

  1. Three graduate credits never felt so good.
  2. There was no more room in our "How to bore your students to tears" class.
  3. After another year of teaching, you need a good laugh!
  4. You've heard rumors that our instructor (Mr. Liguori) is quite a dish!
  5. You'll take any class that's only minutes from the King of Prussia mall!
  6. You've got nothing better to do after the July 4th weekend.
  7. Two words: salary advancement.
  8. ACT 48 makes you smile!
  9. If you play your cards right, Mr. Liguori may give you the dirt on our other instructors.