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Masters of Arts in Education Safe Schools

In today’s turbulent climate, educators are confronted with a unique set of challenges as diverse as the students they work with.  Safety is common theme.  Trending topics quickly make their way into the American classroom, and yet we are offered very little information about how to respond.  The Masters of Arts in Education Safe Schools concentration is an innovative program designed to provide the tools necessary for individuals to become leaders in fostering a safe, supportive environment in which all students can thrive. 


Curriculum Requirements


CORE COURSES     9 credits required 

EDU 516  Principles of Instructional Design

EDU 522  Effective Assessment of Learning

EDU 518  Legal and Ethical Issues in the 21st Century Classroom


CONCENTRATION     15 credits required (choose 5 classes)

EDA5162 OR EDU562 Crisis in Our Schools: An Educators Handbook for Safe Schools

EDA5134 Parents as Partners:  Effective Strategies for Student Success

EDA5209 OR EDU609 Mean Boys and Girls: A Look at Bullying Prevention in the Schools

EDA5986 Protecting Students from Online Exploitation and Victimization

EDA5988 Current Drug Trends and Youth Prevention Programs

EDA5990 OR EDU590 Creating Safe Spaces: Addressing LGBTQ Issues in Schools


SUGGESTED ELECTIVES        6 credits required

EDA5111 Assisting Students with Loss, Death and Grief Issues

EDA5118 Domestic Violence and Abuse: Preventative Strategies for Educators

EDA5155 Developing and Implementing Student Mediation Programs K-12

EDA5157 Students at Risk: Contemporary Issues Affecting the American Classroom

EDA5158 An Introduction to Sign Language in the Classroom

EDA5160 Juvenile Justice and the American Classroom

EDA5713 Building Character: Service Based Learning in the Classroom

Other Gratz College Courses

Other Accredited Courses (prior approval required)

Thirty (30) total credits are required for successful completion of the MAEd Safe Schools.  All courses are three credits each.  Course numbers starting with EDU indicate online classes and those starting with EDA indicate traditional, face to face offerings.  We are working towards providing all courses in both formats.


Program Goals

Evaluate the role that diversity plays in developing and maintaining a safe environment for all individuals.

Research safety plans currently in place to better identify what works and what improvements could be made in the prevention, intervention and response to crisis. 

Assess situations to determine potential safety risks, where prevention techniques are needed and when intervention is appropriate.

Reevaluate beliefs and attitudes about safety while examining the vast scope of concerns at the individual, school and community level.

Develop and implement strategies for managing potential situations at the prevention, intervention and response stages, within the capacity of respective job description.


Admission Requirements for the MAEd Safe Schools Program 

Online Application and fee ($50)

Current Resume

Personal Statement

Two Recommendations

Official College Transcripts- undergraduate & graduate

Submission of a valid teaching certificate

* Students must hold a bachelor degree from an accredited institution.

* A minimum of a 3.0 GPA is required.


Please visit our Links page to apply for the MAEd Safe Schools through the Gratz College website.

For more information about this program, the application process or any of our exceptional courses, please contact us directly at 610-584-4200 or 877-493-8500.  We would be happy to assist you.