Bob Randall Associates, Inc. is an organization of dedicated staff and enthusiastic instructors committed to the delivery of specialized graduate courses in the field of contemporary studies.  Our courses are designed to help today's educators deal with current student issues as well as prepare them for the issues of tomorrow.  BRAI instructors are highly skilled knowledgeable people, many of whom are also classroom teachers and experts in their field of instruction.  All of our instructors carry a minimum of a masters degree-many in education, but also specializations, such as law, business administration, criminal justice and varying levels of special education.  

In addition, almost all of our classes will have guest speakers.  Many of these extremely knowledgeable people are from the local area.  This provides the student with not only a special insight into the subject matter, but also a very valuable community contact.  Our courses are designed for interactive participation in whole group as well as small group discussions and activities.  Cooperative learning strategies are used during course instruction as examples for use in everyday classroom situations.  

All courses offered by Bob Randall Associates, Inc. receive graduate credit from Gratz College.  Credits may apply toward graduate degree programs at Gratz or other institutions.  Credits may also apply toward Pennsylvania certification and/or salary advancement.  All courses also qualify for ACT 48 credit hours.